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Radon Testing

Radon is a natural radioactive gas. When uranium breaks down, radon gas is then found in rock, soil, and sometimes water as well. Colorless and odorless, this gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. If it finds its way into your home, you’ll want it dealt with as quickly as possible.

The Home Inspection Man Inc. has been helping our local clients with environmental services and restoration for over 19 years now, with radon testing being one of our primary activities.

Open every day of the week, our five-star services are prompt, honest, and best of all—affordable. If you’re feeling unwell in your home or place of work, give us a call today. It could be radon gas.

How do I Know if There’s Radon in my Home?

As a colorless and odorless substance, you may be wondering: How one could even tell if radon gas had entered their home or workspace? Radon seeps up through the ground and enters from the lowest level. Generally, radon inspections are done up to the third level of a building as the gas does not climb higher. If the building you are in is well insulated and tightly sealed up, there is more risk for contamination as the gas will have nowhere to go once it is inside. Every property has trace levels of radon gas within it. But if you are coughing excessively, coughing up blood, experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath, it’s a good idea to call The Home Inspection Man Inc. to get a short-term or long-term test done.

Is Radon Testing Invasive?

Radon inspections are both affordable and non-invasive. We will use radon detectors and take measurements in the least frequented areas of your home, for an ideal time period of three months. If three months seems like a long time to wait for a definitive answer about radon levels in your home, short-term tests can be done as well but will provide a less accurate answer, as radon levels can fluctuate quite a bit daily and seasonally.

The Cost of Radon Testing

While you can purchase your own radon detector to keep in your home as you would a smoke detector, you’ll be looking at a cost of roughly $250, and your detector will not come with a professional opinion and advice. The Home Inspection Man Inc. employs trained professionals who know where detectors should be placed, and how to read them properly. And best of all, your inspection should only cost $50 to $100.

Cleaner Air Today

Ensuring that you’re breathing the cleanest air possible in your home or workplace is important. Not only can radon affect you in a big way over time, it won’t make you feel any better in the short-term either.

Next time you have a cold that doesn’t really feel like a normal cold, find yourself coughing and having trouble breathing—consider the possibility of radon and give The Home Inspection Man Inc. a call immediately!

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